Like any other POS collection, the purpose of this collection is to enhance your store displays without overshadowing your products. The collection is fully customizable and it’s available in crème and gold, as well as any other color upon request. With a wide variety of items to choose from, you can easily combine them to create new settings. This will give your customers a brand experience they will remember and encourage them to return!

Femme collection

Gold / Crème

femme - earring small

Femme Collection

Earring double

femme - earring double

Femme Collection

Earring small

femme - earring tall

Femme Collection

Earring tall

femme - necklace small

Femme Collection

Necklace small

femme - necklace tall
Femme Collection

Necklace tall

femme - shoe small

Femme Collection

Shoe small

femme - shoe tall

Femme Collection

Shoe tall

femme - T-stand small

Femme Collection

T-stand small

femme - T-stand tall
Femme Collection

T-stand tall

femme - wallet
Femme Collection


femme - bag presenter

Femme Collection

Mini bag

femme - mini bag

Femme Collection

Bag presenter

femme - plateau small
Femme Collection

Plateau small

femme - plateau tall

Femme Collection

Plateau large


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