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Made with premium materials and lots of sustainable options, our team of industry experts design all our hangers in Amsterdam, where we test our products thoroughly and look at volume, durability and sustainability when making them. We value your products and how they’re presented (almost) as much as you do.

That’s why we offer Bio, FSC, Recycled, or any other unique material or requirement. You name it; we have it. And we craft it with the utmost precision and care to make sure that your products are presented the way they should be.

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Coffee grounds, potato starch, elephant grass, corn starch or sugarcane, you name it, we use it. Our bio hangers offer flexibility and durability in the most responsible way, without ever compromising on design.

FSC wood hangers
recycled hangers


Even waste can look fashionable! Our recycled hangers are made from different kinds of used materials, such as fashion waste and recycled plastics. Contribute to a better future choosing recycled hangers, without compromising on a nice design.

FSC Wood

FSC-certified for sustainability.
Hand crafted for beautiful elegance.

FSC wood hangers
jacket hangers


Our jacket hangers offer full support and come in a variety of design and material options to provide the best presentation for your heavier top items.


Our top hangers are top of their class with solid support, incredible durability, and custom designs for all your tees, sweats, shirts, and other tops. 

top hangers
bottom hangers


From heavy raw denim to breezy light summer slacks, our bottom hangers do the work, with plenty of materials and design options available. 


For those with special needs, we provide special! We provide the right design at the best value, creating hangers that are as unique as your brand itself. With our design team, material options and knowledge of production, the possibilities are endless.

special hangers

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